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A coffee table with a unique design and story that will charm and make you feel relaxed.

The Sophie coffee table has simple and clean shapes and is available in two versions: the Sophie Black – a brightly colored top with black legs and the Sophie White with white legs.
Thanks to its compact design, it is well suited for the home office and living room as a work table and as a storage table, ideal for apartments, flats, dormitories or houses
We manufacture and sell the Coffee Table as sustainable and designed to create a relaxing spot where everyone can feel and relax better.

3 950 Kč


Doplňkové parametry

Guaranty: 2 years
Plastic: 20 mm, PolyPropylen = PP
Size: 1000 x 700 mm
Height: 735 mm
Seats: 1
Assembly: The table requires a simple assembly

An incredible number of GOD designs

Every design is unique, every panel is original. You can choose from decent to playful textures to complete your environment.