Our production is the heart of our company

Plastic guys is a groundbreaking company in the heart of Europe that produces panels and furniture from recycled plastic. The most important thing is to make people aware of the value of plastic and avoid the use of single-use plastics.

GOD panels manufactured by our company will always be 100% recycled and even recyclable again after they are used up. These panels can be used in a wide range of products. Both for exterior and interior use. They will always be environmentally friendly. Even in 200 years!

Collection of material

First, we make sure that the used plastics do not go to the incinerator at all, but go to the right places, for example to our production.


In the warehouse, we sort the materials according to the type of plastic and color groups. Subsequently, we shred the material to make it easier to manipulate.


Sorted thermoplastics need to be crushed to make them easier to manipulate. At the same time, we choose the size of pieces we want to use because the size affects the appearance.



Fire up the furnaces and presses and let’s go! Put the crushed plastic into the molds and let it melt. After the perfect baking, the panel is almost ready!


The panel goes straight from the oven to the press. All you have to do is let it cool. The best part is, we don’t use anything extra. No dyes or glues!

And back. Again and again

Even our panels themselves can be recycled again and again, just like all other used plastics.

Plastic designed for future recycling

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible and reuse everything we use over and over again.

The leftover scraps are used in the production or packaging of the panels. Clients can then use them as coasters or doorstops.

Plastic designed for future recycling

Every panel is an original!

Even though the panel is made of the same material, each panel is very similar but different at the same time. Every company that works exactly the same will always have different sources of input material and because of that they will have their original textures and we will not be competing with each other.


What we do

Our idea with innovative plastic recycling technology is capable of saving our planet from used plastic. We can rid businesses, consumers, restaurants, cafes, and shops of their plastic and make it directly back into business facilities.

Who we are

There are now four of us on the team. Marco, Ondřej, Jiří and Filip.
Marco handles sales, marketing and finances.
Ondra is the production manager and presents the company at conferences and events + handles the shipping of orders.
Jiří is the heart in production and handles stock, production and order picking.
And Filda designs and keeps everything in a pure design for us!


We love the challenges that keep developing our product



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