Every GOD panel from Plastic guys is original

Our “design show offs” are made of 100 % recycled plastic. The panels are made of used plastic from large production lines. From fridges, tubes, computer mice to 3D printer waste. Always second hand and sorted into individual groups.

Size and thickness

We are able to produce our panels in basic thicknesses

10 and 20mm.

If you want a different thickness, it is not a problem to make it custom-made!

Why are our panels called GOD?

Like supernatural forces, our boards are simply divine – they are trying to spread the message of recycling and saving the world!
Every time you see them, you will worship them for the praiseworthy work they do for us.

Large-format panels

The basic panel has a size of 1500 × 1000 mm. In the middle of 2024 we will launch double the size!

Simple machining

Design panels are a joy to work on. The same tools are used on them as on wood. We’re like plastic carpenters.


GOD panels are always made from one of the basic thermoplastic groups. Sometimes they can be translucent. Other times they can resist scratches better due to their hardness, but again they are more fragile. The right group is always chosen according to where the panels will be used.

E-shop 🛒

In order to satisfy each of you as efficiently and quickly as possible, we have created this product overview.
Here you can order panels or finished products quickly and easily.

An incredible number of GOD designs

Every design is unique, every panel is original. You can choose from decent to playful textures to complete your environment.

Haven’t found the perfect design? Let’s create it together!

If you didn’t choose from our base or premium textures, let’s create a new one together! You can specify sizes and shapes or even supply your own material.