Benches made of recycled concrete 🧱 and plastic 🍼

Cooperation with the company CEMENTUM

Cementum produces sustainable concrete products focusing on design and maximum use of secondary materials.

The company aims to reduce the environmental impact of concrete products and to protect natural resources. The products use the full replacement of natural aggregates with recycled construction and demolition debris, which together with its repeatable recycling cycle fulfills the principles of the circular economy and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Together, Plastic Guys and CEMENTUM have created a 100% recycled product. The backrests and seating parts of the benches are made up of recycled GOD panels with colorful textures, while CEMENTUM recycled concrete was used to create the legs.

We are happy that such innovative projects are created in the heart of Europe = simply in Brno ❤