100% Recycled plastics for our future

Sustainability is a pillar of our business, which is why our panels are  100% recycled and recyclable.

Circular economy

Collection of material

First, we make sure that the used plastics do not go to the incinerator at all, but go to the right places, for example to our production.


In the warehouse, we sort the materials according to the type of plastic and color groups. Subsequently, we shred the material to make it easier to manipulate.


Sorted thermoplastics need to be crushed to make them easier to manipulate. At the same time, we choose the size of pieces we want to use because the size affects the appearance.



Fire up the furnaces and presses and let’s go! Put the crushed plastic into the molds and let it melt. After the perfect baking, the panel is almost ready!


The panel goes straight from the oven to the press. All you have to do is let it cool. The best part is, we don’t use anything extra. No dyes or glues!

And back. Again and again

Even our panels themselves can be recycled again and again, just like all other used plastics.

Every panel from Plastic guys is an original

We produce recycled plastic panels that are further environmentally friendly.

Each panel is made of one type of plastic, so we guarantee that they are recyclable and we extend their unlimited lifetime. Our distinctive panels can be used for modern exteriors and interiors, as an addition to furniture or facade cladding, which we can design and add to this extravagance of high quality and charm if required.

Extended size

1000 × 1500 ×
(10, 20) mm

Basic size

1000 × 1000 × 
(10, 15, 20) mm

Lots of colours, shades and creativity💡

kilograms of plastic waste in the Czech Republic end up in incinerators every day. Plastic guys have already saved kilos in implemented projects. Do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s change the world together.